You Matter

You Matter

Real stories from real people for today's world

A new book to be written by those who have met life’s challenges for those who face challenges today.

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The World Gives People the Wrong Story

People Need to Hear Yours

We live in a deeply-divided world that routinely tells people they do not count, and they cannot make a difference. You are invited to be part of a book that will be a different voice, that tells people they matter, and they don’t have to accept what the world tells them.

You Matter is for those who have met or overcome life’s challenges to inspire others to do the same. It will be a collection of short stories, with each contributor getting her or his own, brief chapter – in their words alone. It will feature the stories of people who are famous and those who should be famous.

People need to hear your story. It will be in the context of others with similar stories.

Why this book?

I am fortunate to be invited to speak frequently around the U.S. and Canada. Although I have never called myself a motivational speaker, people must sense something when I speak. Although I train organizations on customer and donor relations, leadership, fundraising and on general personnel issues, I usually have a line of people that come up to me after I speak to tell me their stories. They are touching. They are moving.

Perhaps it is because one of my main messages is, “You are more important than you might think you are,” people want to tell me how they are repeatedly given the message that they do not count. They do not matter. The world consistently tells this terrible message. Especially in this era of divided groups and tense gatherings, people need to know they DO matter, they do make a difference. And they need to hear it from people with real stories to show how they did and do.

Let’s help get the message out. You Matter.

You have made a difference. Please share that example with others, so they might follow your lead.

You Matter will be my sixth book, and none before have been more important. Your words will reach many people and this book will be in many hands that need to read it. If it does well enough, I envision establishing a charitable foundation to carry this work further and forever. I will use my media contacts to publicize it. However, it will always be your story, not mine.
I want to make this easy and comfortable for you to contribute. If you do not want to write, I will be happy to “interview” you on the phone or in person and write it for you. No matter how your story is told, you will have the opportunity to review and approve and see it in context with all the others before publication.
Most of all thank you.
In times of great division and dysfunction, join others in a simple, but profound project:
1. Write only 1-3 pages.
2. Write in your words, simply and straight-forward.
3. Describe an event or events in your life that challenged you and how you used it/them to make your life, and/or the lives of others better. It could be an event that happened in one day (how I landed the plane after the pilot had a heart attack), or over a lifetime (how I learned to read and write at age 50).
4. If you prefer, please tell the story (with permission) of someone you know or someone you helped who would fit #3 above.
5. Please send me your photo or headshot, along with (optional) a photo or illustration that helps illustrate your story.
6. Please let me know anyone else who would be a valuable part of this project.
7. Please email the above to I will do anything I can to make this meaningful, impactful and easy for you. Please ask me any question anytime. Nothing is off limits.